Thursday, June 19, 2014

Grocery Shopping Adventure

Two grocery stores, one bank, two children under five who like to wander, snack, 'help', and quarrel. 
One dozen broken eggs, one spilled Icee (in the parking lot), one little boy in tears.
One trash bag ripped open down the stairs, two bathroom accidents, one tired momma.
We made it through another grocery shopping adventure (barely)! Hopefully by the time we need to go again I won't remember this adventure quite so vividly:) 
Happy Thursday Friends!  Here's hoping your grocery shopping is done for the week;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Fun Schedule Ideas

Good afternoon friends!  I can hardly believe we are already over half way through did that happen?  I have been realizing lately that every day is passing by so quickly, and I feel like I need to have better time management so we can fit in all the fun summer things we want to do!  So today I thought I'd share a plan we are going to try this summer.  Feel free to use some or all our these ideas in your family as well! 

(This plan/outline is meant to be fun, so if I need to shift days around or take days off, I will not fret about it-you shouldn't either:)  )

Mix it Up Mondays:  If we can help it, we usually spend Mondays at home-catching up on chores, recovering from a busy weekend, and getting back to routine.  So the plan for 'mix it up Monday' is every Monday the kids and I will make some type food (cookies, muffins, cupcakes, bread, trail mix, etc.).  My kids LOVE baking, cooking and pretty much any type of motorized mixing, so I think they would love to have a chance each week to be in the kitchen with me.  I usually make things while they are napping to try to keep messes to a minimum, but I'm reminding myself that messes can be cleaned up and the kids will learn to love cooking and baking if I allow them to help!  I also like the idea of this on Mondays because then we will have a special homemade treat to enjoy during the week!

Playgroup Tuesdays: We have been a part of a wonderful playgroup for several years now.  Each week during the summer we meet at a park or splash pad, play, and eat a picnic lunch together.  It has been wonderful for my children to make lots of friends, and for me to have a support group of moms.  I think I love playgroup just as much as my kids do!  I would definitely encourage you to join a playgroup in your area if you are able to! 

Library Wednesdays: My kids love going to the library and finding new books to check out.  They both love having stories read to them, and it's really fun for them to pick out their own books there.  There is also a train table at our library that is a pretty popular pit stop:)  We don't always go every week, but I'm going to try to make it there at least every other week. 

Artwork Thursdays: So many ideas on Pinterest, so little time.  I think it would be really fun to get into some more art projects with the kids this summer.  They are both old enough now to follow simple directions on projects, so I think they would really like to get the creative juices flowing each week.  Plus, I like when we can try the really messy painting projects outside:)

Field Trip Fridays: On a few Fridays this summer, I would like to take the kids to some fun Summer spots (the Zoo, Kelley Farm, Water Park, Boating, etc). 

Do you have other fun summer activities you like to do regularly?  If so, let me know! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

My Flowers are Blooming! (and other things that are making me happy!)

Maybe it's because we live in Minnesota and it's such a short period of time that flowers are actually in bloom...or maybe I just love how cheerful and colorful flowers are.  Whatever it is, seeing my flowers blooming makes me happy! 

 ^Our tulips did wonderful this Spring!  I love tulips-such a cheerful flower and is one of the first signs of Spring!  We now have some of our flowers in our perennial bed blooming and they are beautiful!  We also have some hanging baskets and pots in full bloom. 
Other things that are making me happy include:
  • Finding these pictures from our trip to Maryland on Matt's phone!

 (Airplane adventures!)

  • All the love and support I've received as I start a new adventure as an independent consultant with Thirty One Gifts.  Thank you friends and family! (if you want to know more, you can check out my website here)!
  • ^Receiving bouquets of dandelions from two my two sweet babies!
  • ^Gifted Flowers!
  • ^Celebrating 7 years of marriage with this guy!
  •  ^Fishing and boating with these cuties!

Summer is upon us friends!  Can you feel it?!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Elijah-Version 2.5

At two and a half years old, you love to run outside, watch for birds and other wildlife from the living room window, and play make-believe with your sister.

 ^You love snuggles with Daddy and learning how to do things just like he does
 ^You adore your purple watch that you stole borrowed from Bella. You wear it day and night and only take it off for bath time and getting dressed. 
 ^You love any kind of truck, big or small, and are an expert at truck noises.  The big one pictured above is one of your very favorites:)
^You think that you don't need naps anymore (but you do)
^You melt our hearts every day with your sweet kisses, funny antics, and wonderful curiosity!
You are also speaking so clearly now and almost always in full sentences.  Every day it seems your language is improving.  I don't think it will be long until you'll sound just like a big kid, so here are a few of the words you still pronounce 'creatively'.  Just so we don't forget:)
You usually pronounce M's as B's...for example, you say milk as 'bilk' and our last name as 'Button'.  We now call your grandparents Grandma and Grandpa Button:)  You also call your friend Micah 'Bicah'. 
Puppies are 'uppies'
Sandwich is 'sam-itch'
Cinderella is 'Cinderlalala'
We love watching you grow Elijah!  Happy two and a half years buddy!

Friday, May 9, 2014


 I am loving sunny days and cute kids in sunglasses.

 I am grateful for hugs, playtime, and siblings who are buddies.

^ I am enjoying stories from an imaginative little lady.
^ I am delighting in completed DIY projects and the loving the chance to be creative.
^ I am excited about fish-watching in the front yard...
 ^And grateful for a husband and daddy who is home to enjoy time with his kids.
 ^I am thankful for a curious two year old...
^and a fashionable four year old rockin' pink cowboy boots.
I. Am. Blessed.
Happy Friday Friends!  What are you thankful for today?  

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Recap of Annapolis and D.C.

While we were out visiting family in Maryland a few weeks ago, we also had the chance to visit a few cities around the area.  Two of our favorites were Annapolis, MD and Washington D.C.

When we first arrived in Maryland, we spent the afternoon visiting Annapolis.  What a fun city to explore!  Beautiful old architecture, rich history, and water everywhere!

The next day of our visit Matt and I were able to drive into Washington D.C. and explore for the day.  Neither of us had been to D.C. before and there was so much to see!  Despite the all-day rain, we really enjoyed it and would love to travel back again soon and see more of it.  I think my favorite was the Lincoln Memorial.  Both beautiful and inspiring, it was a wonderful feeling to stand in a place where so much history has been made. I really enjoyed the art museum we were able to walk through as well. 

 I was so excited that we got to stop at Georgetown Cupcakes (from the TLC show D.C. cupcakes)!  And yes, they were delicious!

Happy May Everyone!  It's going to be a great month!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A few exciting things...

Just wanted to share a few exciting things happening around here lately:

1. Matt got a new job!  Yay!  I cannot begin to explain how happy it makes me to announce that he found an amazing job in which he will be home every night and weekend!  We are so excited to begin this new adventure and we are praising God for his perfect timing.

2. I won a blog contest!  One of my favorite blogs, Dancing with Ashley, was giving away a set of stationary by Heather and I won it!  Yay for handwritten notes on beautiful stationary, right?!

^My new stationary and my helper, Elijah:)

3. I was recently introduced to Hobby Lobby and....why have I never been there before??  It was awesome and I am so thankful to fun friends that shared a day of shopping and girl time together with me:) 

I can hardly believe it's the last day of April today.  This year seems to be flying by!  I am hoping for a warm month of May with blooming flowers and NO snow...please, no snow!  I hope your April has been great!